Capital raise to launch following Japan’s $2.5b investment into the Australian hydrogen market

National H2 is due to launch a capital raise following the Japanese Government’s Green Innovation Fund’s $2.5b investment into the Australian hydrogen market, which will turn coal from Victoria’s Latrobe Valley into clean energy using carbon capture and storage technology.
The Company believes this is a strong indication the Australian hydrogen market is poised to take off and deliver substantial value to investors, as the country already has the world’s largest pipeline of announced hydrogen projects, including 22 major projects worth up to $300b.
National H2 will be raising funds to finance the initial stages of constructing its first plant, which presents a rare opportunity that gives investors seed-level access to a Company with plans to build over 240 plants across the APAC region.
The Company will provide a ‘right now’ solution to the climate, energy and waste challenges through a proven plastic-to-hydrogen process, which their publicly-listed technical partner will supply.
For its first project, National H2 already has a feedstock supplier who will deliver it free of charge and a buyer for both electricity and hydrogen.
With 3.5 million tonnes of waste plastic available in Australia, there is enough to supply feedstock for 200 plants across the country, which places them in a strong position for rapid, sustainable growth.
They will also target a further 40 plants in Singapore and other countries across the APAC region.
National H2 have four initial sites being considered for development in Australia and Singapore, along with a significant amount of locations in the pipeline, which they intend to transform into state-of-the-art hydrogen production facilities.
If you are interested in the upcoming capital raise, contact the Company today to reserve your place. Get in quick – limited spots are available.

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